“What to Do When Things Go Wrong” to be Published by McGraw-Hill Education

02/08/2019 | CATEGORY: News, Upcoming Events

Fast Traffic president Frank Supovitz’s most popular speaking presentation “What to Do When Things Go Wrong” will be released as a new book by McGraw-Hill Education in May, 2019.  In the words of one review, “Supovitz’s breezy, personable, and often provocative storytelling style brings to life the more sobering and valuable lessons of avoiding and planning for crises,…READ MORE

Keynotes at NCS4 and MPI

02/08/2019 | CATEGORY: News, Upcoming Events

Fast Traffic president Frank Supovitz will deliver the opening keynote for a symposium organized by NCS4 (the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security) at Duke University, and a presentation of “What to Do When Things Go Wrong” at MPI’s New England chapter this winter.READ MORE

Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum

12/03/2015 | CATEGORY: News, Upcoming Events

6/1/16   Washington, DC         Protecting your brand is essential to the future growth of your business.  Frank Supovitz delivered the closing keynote presentation to a select group of senior exhibition and convention executives from across the United States.READ MORE

WeddingWire World 2016

12/03/2015 | CATEGORY: News, Upcoming Events

2/10/16   Washington, DC           How is planning a wedding like planning a major sports event?  Wedding planners from across the nation discovered just how similar they really are, and learned how one of the industry’s most respected event organizers anticipated and handled a host of high-profile event crises.READ MORE

University of Notre Dame

02/01/2015 | CATEGORY: News, Upcoming Events

January 20, 2015 South Bend, IN       The University of Notre Dame Athletics Department is responsible for the oversight of some of the most successful collegiate sports teams and athletes in the nation, as well as the world-class facilities in which they train and compete.  An interview with Fast Traffic’s Frank Supovitz headlined…READ MORE